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Your words,
spreading like wildfire,
set each fibre aflame.
The smoke,
engulfing my insides,
is suffocating me with shame.


I can’t stop writing about you // Part 4

As I look into your eyes, my heart skips a beat. I’ve never seen a more beautiful combination of colours.
You are hiding a galaxy of secrets and I just wish to explore each part of you.

Days like these I’m eating my heart out for you, yet instead of your familiar taste, there’s nothing but bittersweet tears meeting my lips.

Rest your hands on my hips and pull me close,
help me keep my balance as I stand on tiptoes to kiss you,
again and again.
And again.
I promise I’m all yours, so long as you are mine.

Have you ever wondered how many colours I’d need to paint our love? Each time we share a smile, it feels like even the entire universe wouldn’t be able to express this masterpiece.

Your body should be next to mine,
it’s your touch that I miss,
I wish teleportation was a thing already,
my lips crave yours to kiss.

I desire you in ways I’ve never yearned for anything. Your voice is heaven to my ears, and your smile the reason my heart flutters with joy. When I’m in your arms, I know it’s where I belong.

Nothing feels sweeter than to be loved by you.

When your lips settle on mine, I want your hands to caress my skin. Show me that you want me as much as I want you because truth to be told, even when I’m already close to you, my longing for you only deepens.

Have I ever told you that you are my light?
You keep me warm and safe, and there’s no one who makes me feel happier about being still alive.

(tw: never mind)

Silence is like a knife
twisting within my gut.
My demons, using the break
to pull apart my mind.
Perhaps this is it. Perhaps
I should leave. After all,
no reason to stay is
a good reason to go.


This head
nothing but a vessel
for misery;
yet infinitely it cannot
be filled.
One day
it’s going to spill over
and burst,
I’m just waiting for when
it’ll get me killed.


These claws
not meant to caress
are resting on this skin
waiting to attack
should you get too close
for comfort within.

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Don’t mistake me for an angel.

so soft, a face
so kind.
Yet fire runs inside these veins,
ready to burn your touch,
to twist your mind.


I may have wings,
yet I’m not
your little butterfly.
I’m the dragon that will burn you
if you step over my lines.


Ink spilled over
my finger tips. In desperation
I try to fight
the words screaming
these shadows,
yet this wound’s
lasts evermore.


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